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Post subject: Re: ATARI 1040 ST at the ready... Posted: Tue 22 Aug 2017 16:43

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Hi guys I have my nice and clean Atari 1040ST ready for some vampire goodness! This should be interesting in a year or so to see what develops! Hmmm, I like the idea Atari ST/TT/Falcon even Macs68k could be revamped, but note that team hasnt ever made any statements towards it. Best I can say is an...
Post subject: Re: Apollo Team announces the Vampire V4 Posted: Tue 22 Aug 2017 16:39

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Would There be an extreme version of the stand alone using the Fastest possible FPGA? Or something like ARRIA 10? Maybe, one day. As with ASIC, none of that will happen if V4 its not supported. Just like V4 was made possible by V1 and V2. So, I have planned my Sys For 2018 with Amedia. http://www.a...
Post subject: Re: stand alone vampire board Posted: Sat 5 Aug 2017 21:40

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Cool! So in theory any program that hits Paula should work with Pamela? What about something like Octamed? Yes, but the 14 bit hack is going to suck compared to the 16 bit Pamela audio native. So how would the 14bit hack sound compared to the original 8 bit Paula? Sorry, I feel like I'm a newbie al...
Post subject: Re: stand alone vampire board Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 22:42

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As a software developer I was thinking of heading over to macintoshgarden.org and explore the compilers, IDEs, assemblers and see how things evolved over the years. Perhaps revisit old games I played like Shufflepuck, SimCity, etc and various other apps I used. Maybe try to get it online with a bro...
Post subject: Re: stand alone vampire board Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 19:16

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On Intel code expectation: That was tried on Transmeta range of CPUs. Theoretically they could run a PPC code, or Apollo code, but Transmeta never tried it in practice and code execution as software has shown really strange, but not great results. On expecations on nVIDIA GPUs: They are so closed ev...
Post subject: Re: PCI/PCIe ? Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 19:15

Topic: PCI/PCIe ?
Replies: 12
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Is this possible ? It would be nice to add soundblaster or other PCI card(SCSI, SATA controller?) I know it means it would make only to tower the Amiga(or A500 maybe not for one card ?). I know we got SAGA as RTG but how about other expansions ? First of all, there is no real need (yet). On A500/A6...
Post subject: Re: UNrar 3.8 Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 16:06

Topic: UNrar 3.80
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Tried using unrar040 crashes workbench 3.9, tried unrar060 states needs fpu. Got working using unrar020 but I think 040 and 060 version unpack faster. Will the gold v3 release have fpu? also does anyone know if unrar060f is one without fpu? There is a 3.10 rel http://aminet.net/package/util/arc/UnR...
Post subject: Re: NoFPU Software Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 15:59

Replies: 6
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So when there is multiple CPU choices, which version should we pick? 020, 040, 060? I was under impression that Apollo Core behaves mostly like 68040 so 040 would be my pick but opening posts says at least for ixemul that 020 is the correct one... If libraries for 030,040 or 060 are for EC CPUs )no...
Post subject: Re: 1,000,000 Vampires Sold By..... Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 15:51

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See? That proves it!!!! So, expect that there will be 1,000,000 Vampires sold by December 31st, 2020!!!! Its just a bright expectation based on model that sales and production will increase several times by year. So far just the first figure of 5 000 or so, is right. My understanding is that A500/A...
Post subject: Re: Vampire At A Dangerous Life(?)-Cycle Point? Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 15:47

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I ve seen an A.org user that was pissed a quantity of cards has been send to AmigaKit "and he hasnt yer recieved his preorder". And with P&P he paid 10$ more (neverminding he has to add P&P to AmigaKit prices) In reality, his card would likely reach him by time he made an AmigaKit order. Similar is ...
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