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Post subject: Re: Apollo Team announces the Vampire V4 Posted: Thu 3 Aug 2017 19:03

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What happened to DigitalOut? What about 1920x1080 resolution??? RAM is kind of restrictive, but I'd rather have 512 Megs RAM up to 1 GB/s, than 1 GB RAM up to 512MB/s!!! read 13. Digital Video Output there you have your DigitalOut 1920x1080 or maybe even more if it got a better "GFX card" but its e...
Post subject: Re: Real Amikit on Vampire 600 Posted: Thu 3 Aug 2017 18:51

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since i had vampire since the silver cores.i noticed igame crashed on gold cores becouse they took away the FPU intructions or something (silver cores has some few fpu/compatible instructions) so i learned that there is a library dpending on FPU. are you using igame with femu ? becouse igame is depe...
Post subject: sata2ide adapter Detection issues V600 Posted: Tue 1 Aug 2017 13:33

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first of all. this started when i got my aca620 with kickstart3.1 i bought a sata2ide and a SSD. but it did not get detected. the short story is. i made my custom kickstart3.1 with scsi version 43.46 and mapromed it with floppy drive and it worked. i beleave vampire silver cores use that device. and...
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