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Post subject: Re: Graphics Card Compatibility Thread Posted: Wed 18 Oct 2017 19:44

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Any Zorro-2 card should work ok with V500 V2+ My A2000-HC+8 card doesn't work with it. So this left me wondering what GFX cards would work. The Retina ZII card setup program does not work. You can access the hardware but not configure it. the same as with the Indivision ECS Thanks for the response....
Post subject: Graphics Card Compatibility Thread Posted: Thu 12 Oct 2017 10:24

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Can A2000 owners describe their experiences using Zorro graphics cards with the Vampire 500 V2? Can you reply if you have a card working with it, and state any functions that you have found not working?

I will then update this post with a list of cards and community experience.
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