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JPEG Datatype AMMX accelerated by Bax

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Post subject: JPEG Datatype AMMX accelerated by Bax
Posted: Wed 17 Jan 2018 20:40
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Our AMMX sorcerer Bax did it again !

To show how much AMMX can benefit AmigaOS3 applications and OS, he implemented AMMX decoding instructions into the good old JPEG datatypes.

Results are impressive.

To benchmark it, we used benchmarking protocol used on WarpDT website and current GOLD2.7 WIP :
http://www.warpdt.co.uk/jpeg.html ("visage jordan199b.jpg nojpeg time test". )

and we went from 1.759s
[ img ]

to a whooping 0.723s !
[ img ]

You read it right, we are faster at 70MHz than a A1200 603e/240MHz used on original benchmarks.

This new addition to a growing AMMX software collection demonstrates how much AMMX can benefit every part of our beloved OS. Any application using datatypes will instantly benefit from this, like our preferred OS3 browsers.

For the hall of fame, another score with x14 core
[ img ]


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Post subject: Re: JPEG Datatype AMMX accelerated by Bax
Posted: Wed 21 Feb 2018 13:16
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Thanks Tuko, nice news. I am interested by all sources with AMMX optimizations.

Just for unrusted my C, i am currently working on Amiga & MorphOS BPG datatype (in C) : see https://bellard.org/bpg/ for details bout BPG

Any advice for AMMX implementation would be great ? I'll try to contact bax when i'll have a decent version.

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