[Request] RTG custom screen source

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[Request] RTG custom screen source

Post by Niding » Wed 28 Dec 2016 08:05

So, Ive just started with my first babysteps in ASM, first time since early 90s. Im basically following Photons tutorial, and Im trying to get atleast 1 hour of AsmOne time every day.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p83QUZ1 ... njdTHz0_bW

But when I assemble and run the code, the effects doesnt open up on my V600 RTG screen, while they work fine on my A1200 which is standard custom screens. Any color changes in color registers cant be seen on the Vampire, since I assume I would need to hook up a Scart TV/Monitor and use standard screenmodes.

So, do anyone have barebone source that opens a RTG custom screen? Im sure I could find it if I looked around the net, or figured it out in a few weeks after Ive gotten familiar with the Photon tutorial, BUT since several of you are Vampire/RTG wizards, I going the easy route and just beg ;)

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Re: [Request] RTG custom screen source

Post by flype » Wed 28 Dec 2016 12:24

Hi Niding,

I've done a quite simple effect opening a RTG screen on the Vampire in full ASM.

I will share it to you asap here.


This is a ASM little experiment - playing with a Chunky 256 colors screen ; in RTG mode.
If i remember well i used a fixed screen MODEID in the source code instead of using BestModeID().

You can get the desired MODEID for a given screen size/depth with this tool (among others) :

Also it was based on this startup code by Krabob ; that was instructive at that time :

So the (Pseudo) Plasma demo is there :

http://apollo-accelerators.com/files/De ... fectV1.lha

You could also have a look at this other RTG demo :

http://apollo-accelerators.com/files/De ... fectV9.lha
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Re: [Request] RTG custom screen source

Post by Niding » Wed 28 Dec 2016 17:01


Will check them out tonight.

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