Amiga Chip RAM WHDload

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Amiga Chip RAM WHDload

Post by mark » Tue 11 Jul 2017 16:03

Hi all
Its been a long time Since I've used my A 500 and had forgot about chip ram limits.
Using WHD load on a amiga A600 and A1200 you do not run in to chip ram problems Often , but on the A 500 you do .

Now the problem I had, was that some games I run under WHD load a would not run, They are expecting one meg of chip ram .

So looking at my rev 5 A500 It has the original fat Agnus chip so would only Access 512 K of chip ram,
I have a ram Boad in the trap door which is 512k slow memory.

so to get one meg of chip ram I would have to get a later fat Agnus that would be Able to address 1 meg of chip ram, and then mod the mother board. "plenty of YouTube videos to show you how to do this".
If you have a rev 6 motherboard Chances are you have the later fat Agnus chip that can address 1meg of chip ram but I think you will still need to mod your motherboard .

If you not sure what revision of at Agnus you have a look on the big book of amiga hardware for info.

If you have a 500 plus you get one meg of chip ram so no problem ".so I got one "

But you may have a problem with one of the capacitors when fitting your vampire board stopping the board fully going in to the cpu socket. .

I have posted how I got round this in another poste .
Not all A500 plus owners have this problem and its not in the way on a rev 5 or 6 motherboard , but its worth a look .


when the aga core comes along its going to be Interesting, the A 1200 as 2 megs of chip ram so to run aga games on a A500 the chip ram may Have to be on the Apollo core I must admit I do not know.
just thought it worth mentioning.

How chip ram works may change with new releases of the Apollo core.

hope this poste helps a few people

kind regards

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Re: Amiga Chip RAM WHDload

Post by TuKo » Mon 17 Jul 2017 21:36

GOLD3 core will features 4MB of ChipRAM, even the A1000 will be able to run all WHDLoad games without worrying about onboard ChipRAM.
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Re: Amiga Chip RAM WHDload

Post by mark » Wed 19 Jul 2017 18:20

Thanks for info on chip ram looking forward to gold 3 :D

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