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Post subject: HDMI - How to choose a monitor Posted: Sun 23 Jul 2017 23:11
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Hi at all!
This is my first message to this board.
I have a Vampire 600 v2 128. I'm looking for a compatible monitor for my vampire hdmi output. Today i bought a Philips 246e7qdsw. By trying it I found that I can only display these resolutions correctly:

here there is the monitor specs:
http://www.philips.it/c-p/246E7QDSW_00/ ... ifications

maybe the frequency are wrong? there are 30 - 83 kHz (O)/56 - 76 Hz (V).

I can change it at the store but I want to know what I need.

Thanks for help.
Best reguards.

(sorry if my english is bad)

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Post subject: Re: HDMI - How to choose a monitor Posted: Thu 29 Mar 2018 16:28
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You should try to fine tune your Picasso96 settings with a tool called umc :


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