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What Workbench setup should I use?

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Post subject: What Workbench setup should I use?
Posted: Mon 19 Mar 2018 12:15
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So at the moment I'm running Workbench 3.1 with Dopus 5.5, MUI, Magic Workbench etc etc - basically a whole bunch stuff that I've added over time, like most people. My Vampire is on the way and I'm wondering what to do about my Workbench setup. I've downloaded and read the instruction manual and also had a look on the Wiki but can't see anything about this.

Will it work with what I have or would it be better to start a fresh install?

Should I get WB 3.9? Can I run 4.1? What do you guys recommend?

Thanks :)

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Post subject: Re: What Workbench setup should I use?
Posted: Thu 29 Mar 2018 16:27
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Vampire has enough horse power to run OS3.9 like no other Classic Amiga was able to without lot of upgrades. It's a good upgrade over OS3.1.

AOS4.1 is a No Go has it requires PowerPC CPU.


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Post subject: Re: What Workbench setup should I use?
Posted: Mon 28 May 2018 00:10
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Theres a WB distro caled coffinOS, I dont think its on the wiki yet, saw the devs use it on Youtube, I need to do a bit more work before I get up and running myself, heres the link from the other apollol forum:

http://www.apollo-core.com/knowledge.ph ... 0&z=uu9qVe

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