My first blog rant about Vampire all together!

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My first blog rant about Vampire all together!

Post by A500DaBest » Sat 18 Mar 2017 02:27

Ok people let us get this clear for all who think so little about Vampire and it's so called "overpriced" product. You need to start drinking some smart pills. For a starter Vampire is a real accelerator and not an emulator. What define an emulator? Emulator is a software that mimics the behavior of the CPU and hardware of other computers or consoles and translate them to the current operating system and hardware and trick the program to thinking it is running on the actual hardware. That is an emulator. Vampire is not that. FPGA is not that! Vampire is simply a real hardware, real CPU that can easily be upgraded without the need of buying new versions of CPU or hardware. It does not is the real thing.

Now I get the blabber and technicality out of the way let us discuss what makes Vampire superior over other accelerator and why the price seems fair. It simply takes what is not possible into possible when upgrading your Amiga 2000/1000/500 and yes even 600. It upgrades your CPU, it upgrades your RAM, it upgrades your network, it upgrades your custom chipset, it upgrades your audio and also it upgrades it to HDMI. Something you could never find in all the other accelerators in the Amiga history. Sure the price may have went up a little bit, but look at fpga arcade it cost 700 dollars and that is not even close to the specs of what Vampire gives and on top of all of this it is inferior in specs compared to Vampire. You don't believe me? Buy yourself a Vampire and try it out yourself. If I was to take exactly separate hardware to match what Vampire brings to your Amiga let us put it in the list now:

1) A CPU upgrade that is from 68000 to 68080 with new instructions and compatibility with old and running at 64 bit at speed of 78 Mhz, IDE support and 128 MB of Fast RAM, that would cost easy in eBay for at least anywhere between 600 to 700 dollars and you know that is not a lie! Look at the history of all these outdated and old accelerator and tired ones and see how much they go in eBay.

2) Upgrade your computer to HDMI output support that cost 50 to 60 bucks.

3) Upgrade your computer with a powerful RTG like the one that Vampire brings goes easy for 150 to 200 dollars.

4) Upgrade your computer with AGA support for your Amiga 500/600/2000 and 1000 that goes for a good 400 to 600 dollars and you know it!

5) Add internet support 40 to 60 dollars depending on where you are getting this from.

6) Of course you need to add a new case to your Amiga 500 and Amiga 600 that should cost you 200 dollar.

How much do you think these will total up to? That is right folks, a beautiful $1820!! And of course you lose your sexy A600/A500 case and get some boring looking PC case and of course you need power supply and cooling devices so add another 100 dollars in total! Compare this to said Vampire's current price where you don't need cooling, you don't need a new power supply and you get to keep it in your favorite case....... :o :shock: !!! This a dream true coming to reality!! VAMPIRE IS REAL, CPU IS REAL AND IT IS NOT EMULATED AND YOU STILL KEEP YOUR AMIGA SPIRIT AND STILL USE IT'S CUSTOM CHIPSET!!

Everyone should buy Vampire! Everyone! Vampire is the best thing ever happened to the Amiga community! Thank you BigGun, Majsta and everyone in the community who have brought the best thing ever to the Amiga community!

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