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Vampire At A Dangerous Life(?)-Cycle Point?

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Post subject: Vampire At A Dangerous Life(?)-Cycle Point?
Posted: Wed 24 May 2017 18:10
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I am NOT a facebook addict, but when I found a Commodore user chat group over there (about 2 months ago), I joined it.

There are rampant Vampire discussions over there. A surprising amount of people are unclear about what Vampire is and still new posters are stunned to find out that it exists, even up to now!!!!!!!

The problem is, that because of supply side shortages, other products are being sold to those that don't want to wait for NEW hardware. No word back from the makers of order status is a big thing too. Antsy customers can easily be put off permanently!!!!!

Vampire needs every sale possible.... And, even, things like Raspberry Pi (waste of time) will be settled on, when faced with the prospect of waiting 3 or more months to get one.

The Apollo Core Team/Vampire products, have potential sales of more than 5,000 MORE than they've already sold, I would say!!!!! This is without employing any kind of advertising method, either! THAT is AMAZING! I am a FIRM BELIEVER in "word of mouth" and "low prices" to move merchandise. (Advertising is money thrown in the toilet. Want to advertise? Give away free systems to KEY PEOPLE. That translates back to "word of mouth".) Vampire can't do "low prices", but is still "flying ;-) off the shelves". :-D :-D

I'm not saying this to blame anybody..... I'm just freaked out that we could fail, where SUCCESS is NEARLY GUARANTEED!

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Post subject: Re: Vampire At A Dangerous Life(?)-Cycle Point?
Posted: Tue 6 Jun 2017 15:47
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I ve seen an A.org user that was pissed a quantity of cards has been send to AmigaKit "and he hasnt yer recieved his preorder". And with P&P he paid 10$ more (neverminding he has to add P&P to AmigaKit prices)

In reality, his card would likely reach him by time he made an AmigaKit order.

Similar is here.

Yes, we can promote it, but there is a limited production run based on
die hard interest. There are no advanced quantities (yet!).

There are few brave dealers and people willing to risk.

Hope this will change in future.

Currently, stocking Vampires to a very few dealers interested
should be a priority, so they make a cameo availibility
after "first run" is satisfied.

Officially, all A500/A600+ preorders are fulfilled by Apollo team,
and its about time they leave packaging and sending to Amiga dealers.

In a brighter overall picture, I would like to think V500/V600 products
will be there in limited time as proof-of-concept and that standalone
boards will be big news.

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