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Amiga 500+ and Vampire

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Post subject: Amiga 500+ and Vampire
Posted: Tue 8 Aug 2017 21:47
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I used to have an A500, 1200 and 3000T back in the day. The 3000T was my BBS box. I don't have any of these computers anymore, however I recently purchased an A500+.

I just opened up the A500+ and it looks very clean, battery hasn't leaked yet, thankfully.
I still have some stuff I need to do with it, like getting a 110V PSU, etc.

Let's assume I would pop in a Vampire V4 when it's released.

Do I need to worry about updating the Kickroms? 2.04 is currently installed.

Do I need to buy an Indivision ECS? From what I have been seeing in Videos I would still need to switch between ECS and SAGA until the SAGA drivers are installed? Is it perhaps possible to avoid having a flickerfixer by using ApolloOS with preinstalled drivers? What about native games, do they output on the V4's DigitalOut output or ECS?

I assume a floppy drive emulator such as Gotek or HxC are not necessary because of the SDcard on the vampire?

What about chip-ram? For the indivision it's recommended to upgrade to 2MB. I assume the V4 will take over all memory anyway?

What else do I need to prepare this system for the V4?

When can we buy the V4??? :-)

Thank you!

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Post subject: Re: Amiga 500+ and Vampire
Posted: Wed 9 Aug 2017 04:13
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Hi Madlax - welcome to the forum!

To answer your questions:
  • No need to update kickstart ROM - Vampire comes with it built-in
  • The upcoming Gold 3 core [ETA ???] will support all output going to DigitalOut (that includes native games). For earlier versions if you can redirect native screens to P96 they will do DigitalOut otherwise will still need 2 monitors
  • Prior to Gold 3 the internal chip RAM is important. With Gold3 the chip memory is inside the Vampire's onboard memory with current 2MB limit bumped to 4MB
  • On the floppy drive I believe the internal/external floppies will still work. There are SD card setups coming out with pre-installed setups. At the moment these are not bootable from my current understanding.
I am sure other users will chime in here and tell me where I got this wrong, but at least it's a start. :D


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