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Post subject: A500 V2+, WB1.3, WB3.1, ApolloOS & Commodore A590 Posted: Fri 29 Dec 2017 11:18
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Hi !
Is it possible to Install OSs like WB1.3, WB3.1 beside ApolloOS
on a External HD (Commodore A590) ?

Because I´m trying to do so, but with no success so far !?!

My current setup is ApolloOSs DH0, DH1 & DH2 on CF and
DH3:WB1.3 & DH4:WB3.1 on A590 (SCSI2SD Adapter)
(but i am not able to boot into DH3 & DH4 using early BootMenue)

Strange thing is when i install WB1.3, WB3.1 (on A590) & AOS3.9 (on CF)
manually on a different CF-Card it woks !

But when i have inserted the ApolloOS CF i can not boot from DH3 or DH4 as i wrote before.



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