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Fantastic Work on Gold 2.7

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Post subject: Fantastic Work on Gold 2.7
Posted: Fri 9 Mar 2018 13:56
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Bought my Vamp 500V2 only a few months back when they were available on Amigakit, it felt incomplete without the full FPU support for the applications I wanted to run, now with the added FPU it's a totally different beast.

Thanks for the update and continue the great work. I hope to find the time to upload a Video to YouTube with my setup over the weekend.

I haven't done anything Amiga related for a few years so it will be nice to revisit the old friend.

YT Channel - Fitzsteve

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Post subject: Re: Fantastic Work on Gold 2.7
Posted: Mon 9 Apr 2018 20:10
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Thanks for your nice message ;-) very appreciated !


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