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Post subject: Vampire 600 V2 Problems. Looking for help. Posted: Wed 25 Apr 2018 21:11
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I got my Vampire 600 V2 off EBay more than a month ago. The seller claimed it was unused, and I think it really was. I have registered it. Now I'm on Gold 2.9 x10, Coffin r51. My current A600 the Vampire is in has been recapped. I'm using a 32GB CF card.

Unfortunately, since I started using it, I have been experiencing the following problems:

Shapeshifter won't run, unless I set the ram to the max (114 megs I think). Even then, some games/ applications in it won't run. Just freezes.
Quake 1 - saves work, loads don't work.
GNGEO - runs horribly slow, 25-30 fps, unplayable.
194X Deluxe - all sprites besides my plane are glitched out.
CannonBall - colors are messsed up (inverted?), runs horribly slow.

Some demos won't start at all, including Appendix - Electricity, Pusherman - Tuloul, Phoenix, Mad Wizards - Kioea.

This is the software I have tried and know about, there might be more. Many programs run correctly though.

Sometimes the Vampire chips get quite hot, I don't know whether it is normal or not.

I experienced the same problems on 2.7, some previous Coffins too (not all the programs, as they were not all there).

What have I done so far to try and help it which did not help:

I have applied the capacitor fix on C3 and C6.
Tried it on 3 different Amigas 600.
Tried it on 2 different CF cards (Reported by Vampire users to work fine).
Tried it on 2 different Amiga CF adapters.
Tried 3 different PSUs.
Tried flashing Coffin on 2 different PCs and 2 different CF adapters.
Cleaned the Vampire chip socket as well as the Amiga chip with compressed air and isopropanol.
Ran a memory test with MBRTool2 - everything's fine.

Nothing helped, the problems persist. I would be very grateful for some advice and suggesting the next steps to take. I haven't got the USB Blaster yet to flash x11 or x12, but I suppose it should all work on x10 anyway. Gold 2.7 has x11 in .exe format, I had these problems with x11 too.


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Post subject: Re: Vampire 600 V2 Problems. Looking for help. Posted: Thu 26 Apr 2018 10:44
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I talked to Majsta on IRC about the problems. He was very helpful and promised to help me with these issues.

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