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Real Amikit on Vampire 600

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Post subject: Real Amikit on Vampire 600
Posted: Sun 2 Jul 2017 10:32
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Just for fun, i made real amikit 8.8 working on the vampire. It is running but with some small issues. Example IGame wont work, it scans his games but it crashes when it says "writing to disk" I can use internet by Roadshow and Aweb. Real Amikit looks verry nice on an A600. If anyone tried this out and knows why IGame crashes plz let me know.

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Post subject: Re: Real Amikit on Vampire 600
Posted: Tue 25 Jul 2017 12:13
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I found it to be slow and glitchy. problems with various things during boot up ment I would never be able to boot successfully to workbench everytime. something would usually go splat like "iprefs failed to load - reboot or suspend process?"
i'm downloading the latest version of amkit real now though - as I've always liked it on an emulated system. i'll see if I can get it on my V500....

two things, always backup your system drive beforehand so you can always roll back if you don't like it! and give your workbench drive/partition at least a gig of space! (what is this, windowsXP? :D)


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Post subject: Re: Real Amikit on Vampire 600
Posted: Thu 3 Aug 2017 17:20
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I think Pedro has got Amikit X working on vampire

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Post subject: Re: Real Amikit on Vampire 600
Posted: Thu 3 Aug 2017 18:51
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since i had vampire since the silver cores.i noticed igame crashed on gold cores becouse they took away the FPU intructions or something (silver cores has some few fpu/compatible instructions)

so i learned that there is a library dpending on FPU.

are you using igame with femu ?
becouse igame is depending on FPU in the original files. try to change the library to a non fpu guigfx_render_nofpu.lha

get it from here. http://winterland.no-ip.org/igame/files.html
good luck!

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