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Post subject: Vampire 600 v2 PCMCIA & SD Card issues Posted: Tue 5 Sep 2017 09:35
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Hi everyone. First time posting. First of all this card is awesome.

Now onto my problem which I hope someone can help with.

I am running OS3.9 with BB2 and the updated Setpatch. Problem is when I try using my wireless pcmcia card for internet. If I insert the card before powering up. The computer locks up during boot process. And will not finish loading. Blank screen, no hdd light. If I try to install the card after the computer is running, I cannot get it tcp/ip stack to load my device. It states it cannot find the card.

I do not have the cardpatch in the startup-sequence. I took that out per the recommendations.

What I have figured out though. Is this only happens when I have a sd card in the vampire 2. I use the sd card as a storage drive for other files and such. So as long as the sd card is inserted, my pcmcia network card will not work. I have a few different pcmcia cards (different brands that use different drivers). They all lock up with the sd card inserted. The card can either be mounted or not and still will lock up.

If I take out the sd card. The pcmcia network cards will all work great. I can use my scsi squirrel with the system. Either with the sd card installed or not. The network cards seem to be the only issues I have.

I would really like to have my sd card still installed and use my network cards on the pcmcia. Is there a way to make it work?

On a side note. I also have a plipbox and have tried and successfully used it on the 600 with the sd card inserted and running. So it is just a pcmcia issue with network that I see.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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