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Help bricked my vampire v2 600

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Post subject: Help bricked my vampire v2 600
Posted: Fri 13 Apr 2018 18:13
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HI all

I need help I bricked my vampire v2 600 a few months ago . It all started when I tried to in stall the new gold 2.9 core, I done this on the amiga site you know EXE install

the flash was successful but when I switch it back on I got the new boot logo and the drive would keep coming up with the guru error.

So I went online to get one of those USB blaster arrived yesterday and flash the card again
with the JIC file

Now all I get is a black screen :(

I have tried different cores but some cores the power and red light come on and still black screen and others the power light only the amiga just hangs


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Post subject: Re: Help bricked my vampire v2 600
Posted: Sun 17 Jun 2018 21:10
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Have you done the capacitor mod on V600 ? Is your card coming from kippa ?

Come on IRC and we will help you.

Best Regards


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