Accessible hdmi + Vga

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Accessible hdmi + Vga

Post by lintilla » Sat 31 Dec 2016 15:18

This is work in progress (need to make a nicer cutout, and room for the vga screws) but physical this works very well, both connector is stable and easy accessible.

Wonders of having a 3d printer.
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Currently working on a mounting frame for the vampire itself, the screw option it came with does not work good enought, and I want a machine that can be moved without needing do open it up afterwards!

(Also notice my 3dprinted CF card holder that snaps on top of the pcmcia slot and keeps it nice in place).

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Re: Accessible hdmi + Vga

Post by guibrush » Thu 5 Jan 2017 15:01

Nice mod ! I personaly won't do it, because I expect that we don't need the Indivision sooner or later. In the meantine, letting it hanging out the case is ok for me.
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