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Post subject: Re: Subway vs rapidroad clock port USB Posted: Fri 17 Feb 2017 08:26
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Yes, I made the same conclusion. If the rapidroad would be a reliable product, I would mount it another time in my 600. But I fried 2 rapidroad doing nothing wrong (appart plugging an USB key that's work on my other computers). So I prefered the FTP between my mac and my amiga solution. it's fast too (1.5 MB/s with the PCMCIA) and it's reliable. The only drawback is when I go to the party, where I don't take my mac with.


A600 V1.5, V600 V2, A604n, RTC, Indi ECS, 32Gb CF, PCMCIA Ethernet, HD floppy, TOM, HP Pavilion 23xi monitor
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