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V1 A600 Vampire Mounting Hardware / Cores

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Post subject: V1 A600 Vampire Mounting Hardware / Cores
Posted: Tue 17 Oct 2017 06:32
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Bought a V1 until I can buy a V4 or V2 for my 600. It is just the board. No mounting hardware or any docs. Can’t find hardly anything for the V1. Can I get the latest cores that work on this as well as any hardware to help mount it? Read somewhere about screws.

Do I need to do anything with the jumpers?
Do I need to run any software?
How can I make it stay on the CPU? There is already a notch for the resistor.

The RAM is somewhere between a meg and four depending on ... how it sits on the cpu? Read this might mean it runs an old core

Finally, do I need to buy a usb JTAG thingy? Which model?

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Post subject: Re: V1 A600 Vampire Mounting Hardware / Cores
Posted: Tue 17 Oct 2017 08:21
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The mounting solutions supplied with the later V2 model initially consisted of small 3D printed blocks that were screwed on to slots in the A600 motherboard (intended for the hard drive caddy). The motherboard is removed from the A600 and the screws are put in from underneath into the blocks on the top side then after reassembly and connection of the Vampire it can be screwed down on to the blocks. Later this was changed to a bolts, nuts and stand offs solution that still needs removal of the motherboard to install. These were provided with the Vampire 600 V2 by kipper2k who made most of those boards. Kipper2k is no longer involved with Vampire production but may still have some mounting kit parts. Majsta is putting the Vampire 600 V2 back into production so maybe he will be sourcing mounting kits for that. Other people have come up with their own DIY solutions like glueing a bolt to the CPU or 3D printing mounting frames (not sure if one has been designed for the V1 but here's an item about a V2 version http://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-201 ... 62-EN.html)

I don't think there are any jumpers to set on the Vampire (all the pins are IO headers).

I think some cores may need certain versions of support software for completeness and compatability.

If you want to change the core I think you will need a USB blaster, the appropriate file and the Altera software to download the file from a PC to the Vampire via the USB Blaster.

Hopefully somebody with more knowledge than me can help you with cores once you have the Blaster but bare in mind that the cores from the Apollo team for the V1 were very constrained by the small FPGA on the V1. If it has an Apollo "Phoenix" core on it already there's a good chance it's up to date as development was abandoned a long time ago due to those constraints. The original core of the V1 was a version of the TG68 softcore .

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