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Post subject: Vampire V2+ order upgrade + questions? Posted: Thu 12 Oct 2017 13:11
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I've just received the confirmation email for the vampire v2+, but I have a few questions.

I have an Amiga 2000 with: 1. I assume the Derringer is useless with a vampire and should be removed?

2. Kipper used to sell adapters for the Vampire to fit into the A2000 expansion slot rather than having to sit it over the CPU socket, but he's gone AWOL. Does anyone know where to get these adapters?

3. Are those adapters required? Any issues without them?

Relating to the announced Vampire v4
4. How long can we expect before the V2+ is end-of-life'ed and stops receiving core updates?

5. Are there any significant hardware differences between the V2+ and V4 that will cause the V2+ to miss out on functionality that the V4 will get? (Ie. AGA support). This also ties into question 4, as major hardware differences will affect the EoL of the V2+.

6. Is there an estimate of the price difference between the V2+ and V4? (Ie. +$20, +$50, +$100, +$200)

7. I'm assuming it is too early to upgrade to V4, and therefore I must pay for the V2+ or cancel my order and wait for more information on the V4?

8. Reading the V4 announcement, it almost sounds like there's no real point using a V4 inside an Amiga, as it replaces virtually everything, and instead to get the stand-alone version. Does the V4 benefit from using actual Amiga hardware, apart from the "authenticity factor" of being inside the real system?
If that were the case, I would probably still consider getting the V2+ to "update" my Amiga, and then consider the V4 as a stand-alone system without the issues of a 25+ year old system.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions

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Post subject: Re: Vampire V2+ order upgrade + questions? Posted: Thu 12 Oct 2017 13:44
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1. Yes
2. I don't make those adapters because I don't own A2000 so I m unable to test them.
3. Answered under 2.
4. There is no reason to stop development or manufacturing designs based on V2, maybe there will be revisions in the future like any hardware manufacturer do, design is more than good for next 5 years.
5. V4 is maybe most advanced piece of Amiga based hardware so far. It is perfectly normal that some things will work only on V4 and never on V2, like in the future some things will work on future models and not on V4.
6. Not yet decided.
7. You don't need to buy V2 in order to be able to buy V4 later. It is your call what you want to do and how you want to do it. List for V4 is not created yet. When that happens everyone will be notified with option to transfer their interest from V2 to V4.
8. There are divided groups in Amiga scene, some don't consider having FPGA inside Amiga case because they say that then this is not Amiga at all. Some want's to have only stock machine without any kinds of upgrades. Others say that they don't want to use old hardware anymore, they need something standalone, brand new design.

What we are trying to do is bring something new and make step forward in Amiga world, there are also others who make memory expansions, other accelerators and such things. After all it is all your decision what to support based on the things you want from your Amiga.

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Post subject: Re: Vampire V2+ order upgrade + questions? Posted: Thu 12 Oct 2017 14:15
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I just read that the FPGA in V2+ isn't large enough to fit an FPU module, so it seems that will be a V4 only feature, amongst other things.

Thanks Majsta, your comments are much appreciated.
I greatly respect what you've done and hope that you continue to expand the Vampire hardware.
I'm just trying to get more information so I can make a better informed decision.
Honestly, you've spiked my interest in looking into FPGA development.

Thanks for taking the time to comment =)

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Post subject: Re: Vampire V2+ order upgrade + questions? Posted: Fri 13 Oct 2017 02:23
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"Acill" on Amiga.org is making adapters based on Kippa's design. Ordering thread is here:


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