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Amiga 500 Vampire V2 Need help

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Post subject: Amiga 500 Vampire V2 Need help
Posted: Mon 24 Jul 2017 12:29
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i have get an Vampire V2 for my Amiga 500.
I have an cf card with OS3.9.
I didnt get a picture about the DigitalOut.
The core was updatet and the Picasso and SAGA drivers are installed.
But no picture. I always see the standard picture Vampire Gold V2....

I have tried it with another cf card with OS3.1, here i have the problem that i can not install the Saga Drivers because my system can not find the installer!?

Can somebody help me,.
What was the steps tio install the vampire card

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Post subject: Re: Amiga 500 Vampire V2 Need help
Posted: Mon 24 Jul 2017 17:05
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In order to the get the DigitalOut to work you need the graphics driver SAGADriver under the wiki. http://wiki.apollo-accelerators.com/doku.php

Since it has been awhile since I used Amiga, I ended up downloading an image for the OS pre-config. Apollo OS39. Currently I do not have the link on hand, hopefully someone will post a link to the image.

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Post subject: Re: Amiga 500 Vampire V2 Need help
Posted: Tue 25 Jul 2017 14:12
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ok, sounds like you are missing the Picasso96 stuff to get the DigitalOut running as a graphics card.

the ApolloOS image is here http://apolloos.weebly.com - i'm downloading it myself now, and have ordered a 32gig CD card and usb adapter to drop the image onto, so I have no idea about that.

base things you need installed.
Picasso96 selecting the UAEgfx option during install.
then the SAGA drivers.

then you should be able to find Picasso96 under "prefs" and add/remove screenmodes if you need to, but you should find a stack more screen modes in screenmode prefs that are the SAGA screen modes.


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