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Post subject: Vampire 500 V2+ kickstart rom switch Posted: Thu 1 Mar 2018 10:12
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My 500 has a custom 1.3/3.1 combo chip with a toggle switch. Can I take this chip and swap out the onboard kickstart chip on a Vampire 500 2+ card and still retain my boot selection? Or, can I just leave the custom chip in place on the 500 MB without causing a conflict with the Vampire card?

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Post subject: Re: Vampire 500 V2+ kickstart rom switch Posted: Thu 1 Mar 2018 16:27
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Your custom switcher is (physically) in the way of the Vampire in any case. Apart from that, the Vampire loads the Kickstart from it's onboard flash and ignores the ROM in the socket.

Starting with the Gold 2.7 release, the Vampire features "MapROM". With that feature, you can load the Kick 1.3 from HDD/CF and boot your preferred Games/Demos with it.


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