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Possible file error in Coffin r49

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Post subject: Possible file error in Coffin r49
Posted: Thu 15 Mar 2018 12:31
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So I imaged an HDD with r49 yesterday and while copying the files I received an error. Here is my cut/paste from IRC when I reported it there but I think everyone went to bed by then.

Hey team - just an FYI. I imaged an HDD with the r49 img. I'm copying those images to a transportable drive and so far DH0, DH2 copied no issues. DH1 has gone for a long time without error. Until now. I just got a bunch of DOS error code 205 - Object not found trying to copy a file called com9 from the Games/whdload/Games/skateoftheart location. I don't know the subfolder. Just an FYI
The file copying continues after selecting Skip - retry just produces the same error.

As an update, ALL the rest of the files completed without issue, that's from DH0 1 and 2. The only errors were someplace within the sakteoftheart directory as mentioned above.

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