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Core 2.9 slower than the Vampire 600?

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Post subject: Core 2.9 slower than the Vampire 600?
Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018 00:40
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I was wondering why the 2.9 core that is made available for the V500 V2+ is slower than the Vampire V600 V2? Basically the the V500 EXE version is x10 vs the 600's x 11, the JIC version is x11 vs the 600's x12. Does this have anything to do with the enabled SPI port on the V500 V2+? I did notice that the x11 JIC was unstable especially when using the SPI port. it's kind of sad, you lose roughly 10 MIPs from the x10 and x11 versions.

On the plus side I wired up the ENCJ2860 Ethernet module (a whole 15 bucks from Amazon) and it gets around 300 KBps using the Roadshow TCP/IP Stack. Not bad really. My Plipbox gets around 50 KBps and cost a a lot more more (looks cool though) :)



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