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Amiga 1000 Questions...

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Post subject: Amiga 1000 Questions...
Posted: Mon 28 Nov 2016 23:55
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Hey folks,

Posted these on the FaceBook page but thought I'd ask here as well:

I absolutely love this thing!!! You guys have done incredible work! A couple questions - Are there any caveats to this card working in a 1000? I've read that a WiFi module is/will be available at some future point. Is this the case? Are drivers underway? When will they be available for purchase? I'm assuming I won't be able to get one for Christmas? One more... Can you boot back to native Amiga with the Vampire installed? Or put another way, can you disable the Vampire temporarily to get back to stock?

Thanks much!

Merrill in Toronto

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Post subject: Re: Amiga 1000 Questions...
Posted: Tue 29 Nov 2016 03:58
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Hi Merrill -

I am not on the team but here is my current understanding on the A1000.

The V500 V2 card has been demoed working in an A1000. There will likely be some adaptors required to make it fit correctly (socket risers?). The "official" mass-produced card will be the V500 V2+ which includes the extra header that could be used for a Wi-Fi module. At the moment there are no drivers. I believe the team is hoping "someone" will write a driver for that.

It will indeed be very cool to see an original A1000 running at crazy speed. I have one here waiting, patiently.

Welcome to the club. :)

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Post subject: Re: Amiga 1000 Questions...
Posted: Thu 30 Mar 2017 01:18
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Hi All,

I too would love to know exactly what I need to fit a V500 2+ into a stock A1000.

Although I have 3 A500 I could put my hopefully forthcoming Vampire card into, I would REALLY REALLY LOVE to fit it into my second pristine A1000. I have another A1000 that already has a Pheonix board in it, and I doubt that would be compatible.

But the Pristine A1000 should be 8-)

How cool would that be........ 8-)

An A1000 at Vampire Speeds with an LCD screen on top ............... what a rush!


Has anyone done it yet in ernest. Do we know exactly what extra risers etc we might need?




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