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stand alone vampire board

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Post subject: Re: stand alone vampire board
Posted: Sun 6 Aug 2017 00:32
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vox wrote: *  Sat 5 Aug 2017 21:40
spihunter wrote: *  Sat 5 Aug 2017 18:18
SamuraiCrow wrote: *  Sat 5 Aug 2017 17:34

Yes, but the 14 bit hack is going to suck compared to the 16 bit Pamela audio native.
So how would the 14bit hack sound compared to the original 8 bit Paula? Sorry, I feel like I'm a newbie all over again. :lol:
Used it on 020/28 FPU 4MB FAST and it used to sound much better, but is using CPU to mix and you wouldnt actually use Pamelas advanced features. As with many new SAGA advancements, we would need new software to use it. But its good Octamed works out of box. Too bad AEON doesnt do anything with it - like releasing it with Pamela 68k and 5.1 OS4 support bugfixed and a bit improved (like PPaint). Funny enough if Enhancer 68k is ever out and works on Vampire, it would visually bring ApolloOS close to OS4 minus unused and on vampire unneeded Radeon HD driver.
Interesting times. They are now going to have people using a really fast 68k machine with advanced video and audio compared to an OS4 PPC machine with a newer OS but really expensive. Probably not the best for another divide but competition always makes things better! 8-)

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