Vampire 1200, Standalone, etc.
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Post by drefk2000 » Mon 23 Jan 2017 20:05

Any love for people like me that own a A4000? I also want a vampire :)

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Re: A4000?

Post by guibrush » Wed 8 Feb 2017 08:38

Hi, me personaly not, but I think ther is somes others people that want an A4000 version too. The biggest problem with the A4000 is the potential conflicts between somes Zorro cards and the expansions that the Vampire provide. As the Vampire is not autoconfig compliant because he his taking over the CPU and don't need to be, a potential A4000 Vampire need to be carefully beta tested with many Z3 cards in the wild. I think, we have to go one step after another, and go now for the 1200 and standalone version, and then maybe the A4000 version can be envisaged. Just my personal tought.
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Re: A4000?

Post by darksun9210 » Wed 29 Mar 2017 11:52

my A4k and A3k would love some Vamp action.
i don'tknow how the vamp sits in the memory space on the ECS machines. i'm guessing the ram sits higher than the standard 16meg device+zorro ram map so that's easy enough.
the A1200 again, so long as you map higher than the 24bit address range, you're golden.

trouble is the A3/4k's have a 16meg for mainboard + 128meg chunk allocated to the CPU slot, and the rest of the 4gig of 32bit addressing mapped out as autoconfig Zorro3 space?

thats just if iirc off the top of my head....?
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