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Amiga CD32 Vampire?

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Post subject: Amiga CD32 Vampire?
Posted: Mon 19 Feb 2018 04:10
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Hello this is my first time on this board, but do you guys/girls have any idea if you gone also make a Vampire accelerator card for the Amiga CD32?

Because we also would LOVE to have a Vampire accelerator card for our Amiga CD32, i know you have one that works on the Amiga 1000, Amiga 500,
Amiga 2000, Amiga 600, Amiga CDTV and soon Amiga 1200.



Amiga CD32 + TF 328 + 8GB CF and Workbench 3.1 MagicWB.

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Post subject: Re: Amiga CD32 Vampire?
Posted: Fri 23 Feb 2018 00:41
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The CD32 is a tricky one. It was a short lived product with low sales compared to the A500, A600 and A1200. It was aimed purely at the games market by Commodore and that's all most of them were ever used for. They are probably not the most reliable of Amigas, needing recapping and laser replacements with weak power supplies, so many probably died and were thrown away as better games machines came along. Working ones are now snapped up by the retro gaming collectors for high prices and they have no interest in expanding them. Your competing against the Terrible Fire expansion which is a cheap open source RAM plus IDE card. A Vampire for the CD32 would probably need a custom riser card with ports for digital video and micro SD (and maybe Ethernet) either on it or at least accessible through it. It may need work to get the CD working (Vampire in the CDTV doesn't allow CD access last I heard because of a ROM problem). For these reasons I don't think a CD32 Vampire should be a high priority when there are A1200, A3000/4000 and stand alone versions to get out still. If it happens eventually, great but if not there will be plenty of other Vampire options to choose from and you still have a good stock games console to play CD based games (I'm sure anybody with a CD32 that's interested in the Vampire will already have other Amigas in the collection)

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