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Post subject: V4 Vampire What OS will it run? Posted: Sat 24 Feb 2018 15:36
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Just wondering which OS V4 for the 1200 and standalone will run.

I'd personally like an updated version of Workbench 3.1 that takes the abilities of the Apollo core into account but keeps the kind of bare bones Workbench 3.1 feel. (maybe with improved colours and click to front windows etc)

Currently I've just recently rebought an a1200 and upgraded it so it has WB 3.1 and KS 3.x (45.064), 32GB CF HDD and an Apollo 68040 @25Mhz with 32MB ram.
Strangely I think the 040 card I bought is modded as it runs at 30Mhz.

Basically I've setup my A1200 for C development while I relearn the C language with StormC V4, and will be looking at assembler as well, always find low level easier than high level stuff. I use my PC for movies etc, just find it too distracting to use for development, when I can easily just go on youtube etc.

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