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Apollo Team Activity Report (May 2018)

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Post subject: Apollo Team Activity Report (May 2018)
Posted: Sat 12 May 2018 14:53
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Here is it again! Last one was in February so I can only blame myself for being so lazy, because lot of things have been worked on in the meanwhile. This time, this one will be shorter as current tasks are very time consuming and some focus is requested.

Vampire V4
As said in previous activity report, team is late with the Vampire V4. We want it to be perfect and have been very busy on it during past months to bring a super product to the Amiga community. To be fully transparent, we have been busy scratching our heads because of a single *ç&%&ç%&”*ç bug. Really. Hundreds of hours have been spent on it to determine why the heck the Vampire V4 does work well on some Amiga 500 boards and not on others (despite same chips revisions).

Team measured everything that could be measured (if you mind, majsta has the biggest thing we could measure) and crosschecked with all Altera manuals, and could not find a single hardware issue.

Finally, decision had to be taken to rewrite some important part of the core to figure out what the problem was, and believe us, the Amiga 500 is a real timing inferno. Most of us agrees that understanding women is easier than talking to an Amiga 500 chipset.

So nothing is canceled, plans have just shifted a bit in time. Team will soon show more about the Vampire V4.

Work on GOLD3 has been resumed and it works better and better with every new core revision. We still need to polish it a bit by dumping copper lists and fix what should be then start work on the AGA/RTG switch mechanism. YouTube and forums will pretty soon be flooded with new videos of AGA games running on our beloved OCS/ECS Amigas.

Vampire 600 V2.1
Majsta resumed production on Vampire 600 and users are receiving that legendary card again. Some details of it have been improved since the original version to make sure users get the best V600 experience ever (better power circuitry, better caps, better socket, better cigarette smell, etc.).

Support Philippe Lang’s campaign
Apollo Team fully supports Philippe Lang’s A500 case campaign and we are very proud to be one of his partner. As of today, 63% of its objective has been achieved and the campaign will end in 19 days. This campaign needs your support so the Amiga 500 molds will come back to life again for next decades.

More info on its dedicated Indiegogo page :

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/new- ... x/13807881


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