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Apollo Team Activity Report (November 2017)

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Post subject: Apollo Team Activity Report (November 2017)
Posted: Fri 3 Nov 2017 16:26
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Apollo Team Activity Report (November)

October has been a very exciting month for Apollo Team. With the help of jarpatus, work on FPU made several steps forward in the direction of bringing a superfast FPU to Vampire V2 users. Let’s try to sum up what happened on what will November be made of.

GOLD2.7 – Rounding with precision
After Activity Report from last month, lot of efforts have been put on getting 68080 FPU from a « I’m made for compatibility » to « I’m a cheetah, want to run against me ? » state. Jarpatus and Bax made together an impressive work on FEMU while BigGun started to integrate most used FPU instructions in core, resulting in great improvements in floating computation.

Also to mention that was first jarpatus steps in ASM. That’s pretty incredible and deserves a wave in the big Amiga stadium. That’s actually what Amiga-land needs to go forward.

Love it or not on Amiga, but Quake has always been a good benchmark to show off performance of an Amiga. Quake from ClickBOOM went from 3fps to some impressive 26fps on Vampire V2 with latest GOLD2.7 beta cores.

Resulting of this, GOLD2.7 is getting better and better and we are heading soon to a final release for public for our beloved Vampire V2.

Amiga32 – Vampires out of their coffin
Amiga32 was a very awaited event for the Apollo Team. We had set up some systems to show our work and brought V4 boards.

Vampire V4 was highly expected and shown at the show. We showed prototypes of it and even some early ones oddities of them. Some attentive people might also have had the opportunity to see a Vampire V4 booting on ceaich’s A500. A32 was also time to give first boards to team members attending the event. Lucky bastards.

We had at our booth :
- Prototypes of the incoming Vampire V4, both A500 version and standalone
- BigGun’s A500 with Vampire 500 V2+ on big screen with a stereo equipment to show off RiVA performance and nice looking ladies (notice the evil marketing trick to hypnotize Amigans for half a day)
- TuKo’s A600 with Vampire 600 V2 showing some FPU things (Quake, AIBB, Arti’s ports, Demos, etc.)
- Guibrush’s A600 with Vampire 600 V2 showing AGA GOLD3 beta cores with AGA games
- Guibrush’s A500 with Vampire 500 V2+ showing a well made and complete EmuTOS/FreeMint distribution
- Claude’s A500 with Vampire 500 V2+ showing MacOS emulation using ShapeShifter and Fusion.

Ambiance was incredible at this event and we have met several nice people who gave us motivation to work even harder. It was actually super nice to meet people we have been talking with since a long time on Internet and meet them there. Nice words we got were inspiring. High five to gentlemen who will recognize themselves ;-)

Jeff Porter also came to our booth and was impressed by our work. We also got some nice words from Trevor Dickinson. Thanks you guys.

Amitopia covered extensively the event :
http://amitopia.com/the-amazing-vampire ... t-amiga32/
http://amitopia.com/quake-on-vampire-ac ... ed-amigas/

We took also time to discuss some strategic things and shake corresponding hands as we have seen some good opportunities to work with other Amiga market actors for the future. Time will tell where it goes.

After the event, party ended how every birthday should end : in a karaoke bar. Some team members felt they had to show their rusty skills on stage. To be honest, narrator.device would have done a better job. Some other members with better manners preferred to savor some cigars.

What’s next ?
Bringing GOLD2.7 to both V2 and V4 is actually first objective of Apollo Team and providing boards to members is the best way to accelerate the test process. Note that Apollo Team is still aiming at end of the year to send first batch of Vampire V4 to resellers if our wives, children, cats or unicorns allow us to ;-)

Some Apollo Team members will also attend another event in France called Alchimie 12 in Tain. They will have some time to show off Vampire capacities and discuss what we are currently delivering and what we will bring in a near future.

Do not miss this nice event on next 10-11-12 of November : http://triplea.fr/alchimie/pages/index.php


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