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Apollo Team Activity Report (December 2017)

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Post subject: Apollo Team Activity Report (December 2017)
Posted: Sun 24 Dec 2017 14:37
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As 2017 comes to a close, we want to reflect on this year and the progress we've made on our journey with Apollo Team. Day to day, it can be hard to see how we are progressing, yet when you add it all up, clearly it's been quite a year!

Since 3 years now, Apollo Team is reinventing the Amiga and we are inspired by the accomplishments of this past year. Let’s sum them up.

January 2017:
  • Vampire went under the microscope and got CE certification
  • GOLD2 was released for both V600 V2 and V500 V2+
February 2017:
  • We showed EmuTOS running on Vampire, even with a new fVDI driver (Vincent Rivière)
  • We showed how we can boost Amiga 600 onboard IDE with Vampire (up to 8MB/s for the record!)
March 2017:
  • We showed some graphic snooping device called “Parasite”. This unit was cancelled later with GOLD3 work.
  • Vampire V500 V2+ went from an amateur soldering job to a professional soldering factory (PCBA)
April 2017:
  • First sign of GOLD3 existence
Mai 2017:
  • Vampire on cover page of Amiga Future magazine
June 2017:
  • First videos of GOLD3 running on Vampire
    [* First appearance of SoftFPU (called later FEMU)
July 2017:
  • Release of FEMU 0.10 by Jari Eskelinen
  • GOLD2.5 went from experimental to public
August 2017:
  • Announce of Vampire V4
  • Vampire V4 gets lot of attention on many mainstream IT websites
  • Announce and release of Vampire Registration system
  • Pictures of first production batch of Vampire V4
September 2017:
  • Full rewrite of RTG driver. Vampire SAGA RTG hits 1st place in Amiga GFX cards benchmarks.
October 2017:
  • Preliminary results of HardFPU of 68080 (targeting V4 cards)
  • Announce of Hybrid Soft/Hard FPU coming to GOLD2.7
  • Presence of Apollo Team at Amiga32 (Germany)
November 2017:
  • Presence of Apollo Team at Alchimie 12 (France)
December 2017:
  • Started and showed production run of A1200 connectors
  • Majsta gets ready to run another V600 production batch (with improved design)
First I want to call out the phenomenal motivation this year coming from our team. They showed the Amiga community what's possible, and Vampire success quarter after quarter is fuelling the big bets we're making in our future.

In fact, we're just inches away from bringing most awaited Vampire V4 and GOLD2.7 to the public, meaning that beginning of 2018 will be a giant step forward in Vampire history. After that milestone is attained, muscles will be used to work on GOLD3 and the Vampire V4 ecosystem.
In 2018, Apollo Team will profoundly change the Amiga world and we could not be more proud to lead this change.

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays with families and friends, we want to thank each of you for your tireless contributions to our many achievements this year. Thank you all for joining us around the world on this remarkable journey.

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