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A570/A690 CD-ROM Compatibility

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Post subject: A570/A690 CD-ROM Compatibility
Posted: Tue 2 Jan 2018 11:58
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I have a Commodore A690 (A570 prototype) sideloaded CD-ROM drive that I would like to run with my Vampirized A500. When connected, the machine does not boot at all. Just a blank picture. Swapping out the Vampire for an M68000 lets me boot it up, so the drive is indeed working. Is this a known problem? Do you need me to extract some pieces of information from my system in order for you to be able to add support for it?

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Post subject: Re: A570/A690 CD-ROM Compatibility
Posted: Sun 28 Jan 2018 21:49
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Seems to be the same problem like i had with a A2091 and GVP HC scsi Controller.
Could be a problem with DMA because a Oktagon 2008 works

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